[Voiced Hentai JOI] Toga's Playthings [ASMR, Gangbang, Hard Femdom, CBT, CEI, Pegging, Sounding, Biting, Chastity, Vibrator Play, Edging, Denial, Ruined Orgasm and more]

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After Shigaraki’s rise in power through the defeat of Re-Destro, the League had wealth and luxury at their fingertips. Via the PLF, Toga could indulge all she wanted, having any of her whims catered to.

This is what she wanted in the end. To be able to do what she desired without question. A goal now mostly achieved between doing what she needed to keep this position. Not that her friends would have the gall to take this away from her if she decided to disobey.

Her first demand was for toys to play with and love. She wanted to share her love with as many as she could. What she wanted, she got. Under her fingertips, the lives of eight men were held. They would be at the mercy of her desires at any time of the day, without any notice.

For the past 2 months, she’d gotten bored with her toys. They were locked away, their naughty cocks caged as well. She didn’t want them to have fun by themselves and waste all that cum! If they were going to have fun, it was going to be with her!

At random, she called them all to her room. No clothes allowed. She’d seen a few pictures on one of her favourite sites, giving her a few ideas. Now, these toys were going to get played with.~

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