[Voiced Hentai JOI] 2B and the 12 Losers [Gangbang, Femdom, Humiliation, Dryhumping, Feet, Ass]

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It’s been two months now since the virus began spreading. It affected the androids reproductive functions, awakening it and making them crave sexual interaction.

If no sexual interaction occurred for a long time, the virus would make them go crazy. The consequences of it was that the Resistance members needed to regularly have sex in order to survive.

However, the problem soon arose. Some of them would not be able to get laid due to them not being attractive enough as a potential partner. Those people were in danger of going crazy from the virus.

Because of this, 2B was sent on the mission. The mission was to take care of the sexual needs of those men that were unable to find a partner themselves. Since their numbers were great, 2B needed to take care of more of them at once.

Today, you are one of the twelve men that 2B is going to visit.

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